A Kananaskis classic.

The fortress as seen from Highway 40. Named because of it’s castle like walls protecting the summit. Just like a real fortress, it has weaknesses and can be summited from the back side.
The first part of the trip is to get to the headwall lakes. These lakes in themselves would make for an excellent destination. But today we are going to keep going.
Carefully cross the snow. Slipping here would be a bad scenario.
Now above the lakes, the top of the Fortress can be seen. Still a long way to go.
Above the lakes it just seems to keep going forever.
And going…. The ramp leading to the summit comes into view. We will head up to the col on the left and then up to the summit.
Looking back on the way up. Headlwall Lakes on the left, the very popular Chester Lake on the right.
And on the summit!
Views from the summit are not bad at all!
Looking down on the old Fortress Ski Hill. To learn more about Fortress: https://www.tripbagger.com/2016/06/04/shawn-bags-the-old-fortress-ski-lodge-kananaskis/




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